Artistic Resonance Collective (ARC)

Artistic Resonance Collective has been created in the summer of 2020 by Natalia Minasian, Chloé Noble, and Gabrielle Scott.
Our ambition was to create a safe space to express ourselves and keep on developing our art through movement, voice, painting, acting and more. When the pandemic hit, we realized that we want to take another step and go live.
Since the beginning of October 2020, we have created and shared several projects with the public. We have also performed in the Lucid Body Performance Salon and submitted our short films to festivals.
  • Our short film Find Me written by and starring Natalia Minasian, directed by Chloé Noble, has received two official selections from the Lift-Off Global Network. Check out our Instagram page for more information. 
  • A Mustard Seed, a short film about faith and social justice, directed by Gabrielle Scott is up on our YouTube channel and has recently been screened on Festival Angaelica. 
  • We are currently at work on another collaborative film project as actors, directors, writers, acting coaches, and crew members. It is now entering post-production. 


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